This little lady is my grandma (baa). She's less than 5ft, can barely walk and is pretty much blind. She's 90-something but no one's entirely sure.

"Where are you from?" I get asked that all the time. I usually say "West Yorkshire"

Back in her college days, when Mama was single, she was part of the theatre

For the first ten years of my life, I was obsessed with my culture

The black-and-white photograph is of my parents. They were gardeners

My father came to the UK 1956 to study at the London School of Economics

Coconut Girl: Sunita Thind Brown on the outside White on the inside Sarsee Akal! Said the Coconut Girl. Jewelled doll in a salwar kameez A gemstone bindiya on her forehead. Kiddha! Said the Coconut Girl. All mini skirts, glitter, and cinnamon legs Whiskey Sours and chippy butty Fondled by that Gaura boy. Meera Tika Said... Continue Reading →

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