Our Stories, Our Voices: Inspiring Women And Hidden Histories

In partnership with Ealing Libraries and Pitshanger Bookshop, South Asian Writers presents a Zoom and Facebook Live event roundtable with three extraordinary writers:

Our Stories, Our Voices explores the incredible resilience of women, their voices, and their histories. Our incredible panel have each written such powerful stories of women throughout history, in their family, or have drawn from their own personal experiences with loss and hardship. Our narratives move through time and seminal events in history; beginning with Noor Inayat Khan during the Second World War, then onto Taji’s story moving us through Partition of India in 1947, and then onto the incredibly personal, familial struggles of Reena and Nik in the 80s.

As we weave through time in these texts, and narrative voice, the thread that ties us together, is the capacity we hold as women to persevere, even when things are at their darkest, and the marvellous things that are achieved within these struggles. Join us on the 13th October at 7pm via Zoom and Facebook Live for a one hour roundtable with these incredible women.




Our Panelists

Saz Vora

Saz Vora was born in East Africa and migrated with her family to England in the 60’s to the Midlands where she grew up straddling British and Gujarati Indian culture.

Before she started writing South Asian romance, she held down successful career in Television Production and Teaching. But her need to write stories about the trials and tribulations of life has led to what she is doing now– writing.

She lives in London with her husband. My Heart Sings Your Song and, Where Have We Come is a story in two parts of love, loss, family and destiny. You can find Saz on Instagram, Twitter, and sign up for updates on her upcoming novel on her website.

Fozia Raja

Fozia Raja is an author and corporate Human Resources professional working for a Global technology company. Her undergraduate studies were in English Literature and she furthered her love for literature and writing by pursuing a master’s degree in Create Writing. This equipped her to write and publish her debut novel, Daughters of Partition. 

Born and brought up in Manchester, she has fond memories of pursuing her passion for reading – carrying a heavy backpack to the local library each Saturday to pick out her next seven books for the week ahead. She has vivid childhood memories of the stories shared by her grandmother about her surviving the Partition of India.

Fozia is based in London. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram and visit her website for more information and updates about her work.

Sufiya Ahmed

Sufiya Ahmed is an award-winning author and a public speaker on girls’ rights. She regularly visits secondary and primary schools with her author talks and workshops. Her published books include Noor-Un-Nissa Inayat Khan (Scholastic) Secrets of the Henna Girl (Puffin) Under the Great Plum Tree (Tiny Owl) and she is a contributing author of It’s Not About the Burqa (Picador), Tales of Superheroes (Ladybird) Match Made in Heaven (Hope Road). Sufiya is the founder and director of the BIBI Foundation, a non-profit organisation which arranges visits to the Houses of Parliament for diverse and underprivileged children.

She regularly contributes to the Huffington Post and The Independent. You can follow Sufiya on Twitter and Instagram

Chair: Natasha Junejo

Natasha Junejo is the founder of South Asian Writers and Literary Lead of South Asian Heritage Month. You can discover more about Natasha on our About Our Founder page.

Supporting Local Business

We are proud to be partners with The Pitshanger Bookshop in Ealing who will be taking orders of our authors’ books during our event. We strongly encourage you to consider supporting your local businesses during the Pandemic. If you’d like to make an order through The Pitshanger Bookshop, please email Fiona at: info@pitshangerbooks.co.uk

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