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Natasha Junejo has been writing under a pseudonym for ten years. Through her writing she has been invited to speak on BBC Woman’s Hour, Lena Dunham’s Women of The Hour, BBC Asian Network, City Radio, and Europe & Me.
In the wake of the EU Referendum result, Natasha co-founded two social justice movements focused on exposing and fighting racism and xenophobia that gained worldwide press attention and influenced government policy.

She is the founder of South Asian Writers, a hashtag that went viral in 2017, inviting writers of South Asian descent to introduce themselves and their work. Over one long weekend, 3,000,000 people from all over the world engaged with the hashtag. South Asian Writers has since flourished and aims to platform and uplift writers from the SA community through; features, book launches, speaking events, and collaborative visual ethnography projects like, Our Stories Matter.

Natasha is passionate about creating access and opportunity for marginalised people and is committed to this fight at every level of society. She is currently developing a television and film writing programme across the US and UK for BIPOC writers and writers from underrepresented communities who have little to no prior experience in this area.

In 2018, Natasha was a national finalist in Penguin Random House’s Editorial Scheme and she now proudly leads the Literary arm of the UK’s first ever South Asian Heritage Month.

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And catch her on the new Our Stories Matter project, The Decolonial Podcast. Where co-hosts, Natasha Junejo and poet, writer, and activist, Maya Kalaria explore how we can nurture and empower the BIPOC community by dismantling harmful colonial narratives with open conversations rooted in self love and antiracism

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