Coconut Girl: Sunita Thind

Brown on the outside

White on the inside

Sarsee Akal!

Said the Coconut Girl.

Jewelled doll in a salwar kameez

A gemstone bindiya on her forehead.


Said the Coconut Girl.

All mini skirts, glitter, and cinnamon legs

Whiskey Sours and chippy butty

Fondled by that Gaura boy.

Meera Tika

Said the Coconut Girl

Her spangled head scarf gagging her

You are so dark, lah. You must lose weight, lah.

Tusee Karli. Tusee Muthi

Did you see her cousin? She got a place for Medicine.

Chirps from the harpies, the banshees … the aunti jee, the mummy jee …

The Dadima, the Nanima …

Meera Naam …

Said the Coconut Girl.

Bejewelled lengai crystallized, hot pink and burnt gold

Frenzied diamonds in her hair

The perfect bride.

Nahin! Nahin!

Said the Coconut Girl.

A Mac cosmetic façade, her  stretched rhinestone hot pants,

Holographic stiletto boots …

And Whiskey breath.

(Her dad saw her with that white guy.)

The Coconut Girl was mute

Manacled to her chura

Her dazzling bangles

Terraformed to her tika

Feasting on a banquet of curries:

A Panjabi paradox

Our sad little Coconut Girl.



Sarsee Akal: Hello. Bindiya-bindi: a red dot worn as ornamentation when a bride gets married. Kiddha: How are you? Salwar kameez: Indian suit. Meera Tika: I am good. Tusee Karli: You are black. Tusee Muthi: You are fat. Gaura: white. Meera Naam: my name is. Lengai: wedding dress. Chura: wedding bangles. Tika: a jewelled head piece. Nahin: No

Sunita Thind is a Bedford born Derby based published female, Asian British BAME poet and writer. Her debut collection of multicultural poetry, The Barging Buddhi, published with Black Pear Press, focuses on living between two cultures; British and Punjabi. Sunita is a workshop facilitator, speaker and performance poet. Her poetry and short stories have been published in various literary magazines, ezines and journals.
Sunita is an Ovarian Cancer survivor and, although she is not yet in remission, she is grateful to have survived and is a fervent campaigner and fundraiser for a variety of cancer charities. You can follow Sunita’s journey on Twitter and Instagram

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