Where Are You From? "Where are you from?" I get asked this all the time. I usually say "Huddersfield” or “West Yorkshire" or something along those lines.Then the question "Where are you really from?"I say "I was born in England" and then there’s a look of bemusement.I ask "Do you mean what is my ethnic... Continue Reading →

Recommendations from South Asian Book Club

An important read to understand how others had to fight for the things we take for granted – I’m often shocked when I read of the open racism and violence previous generations faced as they navigated life in this country. This is the story of the fight back.

Cultural Appropriation and the Happy Place

"What is the right amount of exotic? And at what point does does who we are stop being marketable?"- One secondary school teacher's story about Fearne Cotton, cultural appropriation, and how to speak up and use these conversations as a tool for better understanding.

Bob Dutt - A Quiet Revolutionary My father Balbir Dutt arrived in England aged 13 in 1961. His family settled in Bedford, a small town about an hour drive north of London. Known to most as Dutt - a bookworm, comrade and perpetual samaritan to all across races, nationalities, castes, genders and any other differences... Continue Reading →

Poetry and Memory: The Bridge Between My Grandfather's Memoirs & Me When I returned to my grandfather’s book of memoirs this year, it transformed the connection I have with my roots. My brothers and I, sitting at the foot of my grandfather’s bed, used to listen to his stories, advice, and pearls of wisdom which... Continue Reading →

Coconut Girl: Sunita Thind Brown on the outside White on the inside Sarsee Akal! Said the Coconut Girl. Jewelled doll in a salwar kameez A gemstone bindiya on her forehead. Kiddha! Said the Coconut Girl. All mini skirts, glitter, and cinnamon legs Whiskey Sours and chippy butty Fondled by that Gaura boy. Meera Tika Said... Continue Reading →

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