The girl in the emerald green sari, Fifteen with a mind fuelled with dreams. Starry eyed, Raj Kapoor, Sharmila Tagore Playful. Singing through Eldorets streams. #southasianheritagemonth #ourstoriesmatter @SAHM_UK @SthAsianWriters #SouthAsianWriters by Sneha S P (@poetrybysneha_)

Before I'm anything else, I am my mother's tongue, I am part of history that is older than Partition, older than the differences that divide us as nations, before anything else, I am Sindhi born and bred.

Mum converted to Hinduism after marrying my Dad but her original conversion to Christianity was always particularly intriguing to me.

The first question I was often asked when meeting people was “where are you from”, and I had a tough time explaining my culture and the Indian diaspora in East Africa.

I was born and raised in Singapore and am an Indian Muslim of Tamil Nadu descent. I moved to London for university after finishing my army duties.

The way they are dressed by their parents, you can absorb that pride from just looking at the photo. It is imbued with dignity.

The Royal College of Physicians is an organisation which represents doctors worldwide. During South Asian Heritage Month, the College has been featuring stories from doctors with a South Asian Heritage.

This little lady is my grandma (baa). She's less than 5ft, can barely walk and is pretty much blind. She's 90-something but no one's entirely sure.

"Where are you from?" I get asked that all the time. I usually say "West Yorkshire"

Back in her college days, when Mama was single, she was part of the theatre

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