Where Are You From? "Where are you from?" I get asked this all the time. I usually say "Huddersfield” or “West Yorkshire" or something along those lines.Then the question "Where are you really from?"I say "I was born in England" and then there’s a look of bemusement.I ask "Do you mean what is my ethnic... Continue Reading →

The girl in the emerald green sari, Fifteen with a mind fuelled with dreams. Starry eyed, Raj Kapoor, Sharmila Tagore Playful. Singing through Eldorets streams. #southasianheritagemonth #ourstoriesmatter @SAHM_UK @SthAsianWriters #SouthAsianWriters by Sneha S P (@poetrybysneha_)

Before I'm anything else, I am my mother's tongue, I am part of history that is older than Partition, older than the differences that divide us as nations, before anything else, I am Sindhi born and bred.

Mum converted to Hinduism after marrying my Dad but her original conversion to Christianity was always particularly intriguing to me.

The first question I was often asked when meeting people was “where are you from”, and I had a tough time explaining my culture and the Indian diaspora in East Africa.

I was born and raised in Singapore and am an Indian Muslim of Tamil Nadu descent. I moved to London for university after finishing my army duties.

Bob Dutt - A Quiet Revolutionary My father Balbir Dutt arrived in England aged 13 in 1961. His family settled in Bedford, a small town about an hour drive north of London. Known to most as Dutt - a bookworm, comrade and perpetual samaritan to all across races, nationalities, castes, genders and any other differences... Continue Reading →

The way they are dressed by their parents, you can absorb that pride from just looking at the photo. It is imbued with dignity.

Poetry and Memory: The Bridge Between My Grandfather's Memoirs & Me When I returned to my grandfather’s book of memoirs this year, it transformed the connection I have with my roots. My brothers and I, sitting at the foot of my grandfather’s bed, used to listen to his stories, advice, and pearls of wisdom which... Continue Reading →

The Royal College of Physicians is an organisation which represents doctors worldwide. During South Asian Heritage Month, the College has been featuring stories from doctors with a South Asian Heritage.

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