Cultural Appropriation and the Happy Place

"What is the right amount of exotic? And at what point does does who we are stop being marketable?"- One secondary school teacher's story about Fearne Cotton, cultural appropriation, and how to speak up and use these conversations as a tool for better understanding.

Bob Dutt – A Quiet Revolutionary

On a typical day, he would be sorting out problems of at least half a dozen people if not more. He was a tireless organiser with a wise demeanour and always tuned-in to the needs of others. He truly belonged to the people

Commemorating Altab Ali

The memories that shape our sense of who we are aren’t always of events we experienced first hand. Memories and relationships to the past can be inherited, communicated across time and reinterpreted by successive generations.

The way they are dressed by their parents, you can absorb that pride from just looking at the photo. It is imbued with dignity.

The Royal College of Physicians is an organisation which represents doctors worldwide. During South Asian Heritage Month, the College has been featuring stories from doctors with a South Asian Heritage.

This little lady is my grandma (baa). She's less than 5ft, can barely walk and is pretty much blind. She's 90-something but no one's entirely sure.

"Where are you from?" I get asked that all the time. I usually say "West Yorkshire"

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