In Conversation With Poorna Bell

It was such a pleasure to sit down with journalist, author, and powerlifter, Poorna Bell and discuss her new book, Stronger and her work to empower young women and girls. Stronger explores how we socialise the younger generation, how we perceive strength, intersectionality and identity, particularly South Asian female identity, colourism, and all the barriers.... Continue Reading →

We've put together some core reading lists with recommendations across multiple genres that celebrate just a handful of the diverse and intersectional voices from the diaspora...

Reflecting On Black History Month

This October, we celebrate British Black History and heritage. The South Asian Heritage Month team and I have been reflecting on this for the last few weeks and what this means for us as South Asians. It's so important to remember that, while we are working towards creating space for our voices and stories, we... Continue Reading →

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