Our Stories Matter: Words

South Asian Writers is supporting South Asian Heritage Month through our memory curation project, Our Stories Matter. We invite people to share personal essays and poems exploring our shared histories, belonging, and identity. Whether they be stories of migration, Partition, stories of family life, explorations of cross cultural identity, gender, or sexuality; we want to know what your South Asian Heritage means to you. You can find details of how to participate on our pinned tweet on Twitter.

Where Are You From?

“Where are you from?” I get asked this all the time. I usually say “Huddersfield” or “West Yorkshire” or something along those lines.Then the question “Where are you really from?”I say “I was born in England” and then there’s a look of bemusement.I ask “Do you mean what is my ethnic origin?”“Ah yes Doctor. That’s… Continue Reading →

Recommendations from South Asian Book Club

An important read to understand how others had to fight for the things we take for granted – I’m often shocked when I read of the open racism and violence previous generations faced as they navigated life in this country. This is the story of the fight back.

Cultural Appropriation and the Happy Place

“What is the right amount of exotic? And at what point does does who we are stop being marketable?”-
One secondary school teacher’s story about Fearne Cotton, cultural appropriation, and how to speak up and use these conversations as a tool for better understanding.

Bob Dutt – A Quiet Revolutionary

On a typical day, he would be sorting out problems of at least half a dozen people if not more. He was a tireless organiser with a wise demeanour and always tuned-in to the needs of others. He truly belonged to the people

The Hidden History of the Ayahs of Britain

These ayahs were multi-dimensional, adventurous, loving, (sometimes murderess) women, that are a crucial fabric of British history. Why have they been forgotten? My project seeks to remedy that.

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